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Terms & Conditions Holiday Trip Spain

In order to avoid misunderstandings and to ensure your trouble-free holidays, please read the following Terms & Conditions of our service.

1. These Terms & Conditions specify the terms and conditions of short-term rental of the Apartments offered for rent at, on booking websites and the Facebook page

2. Checking in shall be considered equivalent to having read and accepted the provisions of these Terms & Conditions.

3. Bookings may be made:

4. Making the booking shall also be considered equivalent to execution of an apartment rental agreement between the company who own the Holiday Trip Spain portal and the Client, on the terms set out in these Terms & Conditions and in the Price List.

5. In order to confirm the booking, it is necessary to transfer a deposit of 30% of the amount due for the entire stay. If you decide to cancel your stay, the deposit shall not be refunded.

6. 30 days before the arrival date, the guest is obliged to make a payment of the remaining 70% of the amount due for the stay. No payment will automatically cancel the booking.

7. Apartments are rented on the per-day basis. A one-day stay shall be defined depending on the size of the property and last:

a) for two-bedroom apartments - from 4PM to 11 AM on the following day,

b) for three-bedroom apartments - from 4 PM to 10 AM on the following day,

c) for four-bedroom apartments and villas with a large patio – from 4 PM to 10 AM on the following day

This means that, depending on the rented apartment size, on your arrival day, i.e. at the beginning of your stay, you may check into the apartment between 4 PM and 5 PM, respectively, while your check-out must be done by 10 AM or 11 AM at the latest on your departure day. 

8. A guest of any apartment rented may not transfer the room use to other people, even if the rental period has not expired yet.

9. Both the landlord and the administrator of the apartment undertake to make every effort to implement the rental agreement with due diligence and sincerity.

10. The procedure of handing over the apartment includes:

  • presentation of an identity document by the guest,
  • where the rental fee has not been paid in full, paying the hitherto unpaid amount, and
  • cash payment of the refundable damage deposit of EUR 200 to cover any possible destruction or damages to the apartment.

11. On the departure day, please contact the Holiday Trip Spain office staff and arrange the details of check-out. In the event of departure prior to the planned date, no refund shall be made for days paid but unused.

12. Persons not checked into the apartment may visit from 7 AM to 10 PM.

13. Guests are obliged to observe the “quiet hours” from 10 PM to 6 AM

14. In the entire apartment and common areas in the building (kitchen, bathroom, hallway, bedrooms, terraces, staircase) a NO SMOKING rule is in force!

15. Any requests to extend the stay beyond the period covered by the original booking should be directed to the landlord at least one day before the date of departure. The landlord will comply with the request as far as possible.

16. You should immediately inform the Holiday Trip Spain staff about any defects or damages that have occurred in the apartment during your stay.

17. All the defects or damages reported later than on the first day of stay shall be your responsibility.

18. You shall bear full financial responsibility for any and all damage or destruction of apartment equipment.

19. You must immediately notify any damage caused by you during your stay and cover the value of such damage.

20. Each time you leave the apartment during your stay, you must secure it by locking the entrance door and windows, as well as by turning off the hob, oven and other working electrical equipment.

21. Neither the landlord nor the apartment administrator shall be responsible for any loss or damage to your money, documents or other important or expensive items. We kindly ask you to lock the entrance door at all times, both while you are inside the apartment and while you are away.

22. The apartment is not a hotel within the meaning of the law, and that is why you are asked to do the basic cleaning of the rooms, kitchenette and bathroom prior to departure. “Basic cleaning" shall specifically mean cleaning the kitchenette, washing the dishes, emptying the fridge, making the beds and putting all the towels in one place. Please remember to throw away the rubbish and not to leave behind any of your belongings.

23. In the event of unforeseeable circumstances, the consequences of which can not be eliminated immediately, Holiday Trip Spain undertakes to provide a substitute apartment, similar to the originally booked one, if available. Where such an apartment is unavailable, Holiday Trip Spain may cancel your booking.

24. Holiday Trip Spain shall not be responsible for any inconvenience caused during your stay in relation to any construction or finishing works that may be in progress on the premises where the apartment is located, or by a failure of utilities supply.

25. Pets shall be accepted solely upon prior consent of the Holiday Trip Spain staff and as long as the landlord of the apartment rented has agreed to accept them.

26. All items included in the apartment furnishings (including towels) are the property of the landlord who has contracted Holiday Trip Spain to represent them in the apartment rental. Any theft shall be reported to the law enforcement services and fined.

27. Smoking in the apartment shall carry a contractual penalty of EUR 100.

28. Loss of apartment keys, access card or pool band shall carry a contractual penalty of EUR 50.

29. If, following your departure, the apartment is found in a condition below the normal level of cleanliness, this shall carry a contractual penalty of EUR 100.

30. You shall bear full financial responsibility for any damage caused to the apartment or to the building where it is located.

31. Failure to comply with the aforementioned rules will result in the immediate charge of the deposit, and may also result in rental termination without the right to claim a refund.

32. If – during your stay or on the departure day – the Representative notices any damage exceeding the deposit amount or any piece of furnishing is found missing,the deposit shall be frozen in full and the value of damages to be charged shall be agreed with the landlord within seven days of your departure.

33. You shall have to pay in cash the remaining amount of damages on the departure day at the latest.

34. Upon checking the condition of apartment, the Representative shall complete the damage report form which you must co-sign.

35. Such co-signing of the said report by both parties shall be tantamount to your acceptance of all the conditions and your consent to cover the damage as described therein. If any of the parties does not agree with the contents of the damage report, appropriate Spanish services shall be called upon to clarify the matter.

36. If neither during your stay nor on the departure day the Representative spots any damage, Holiday Trip Spain shall be obliged to return the deposit to you in the amount originally paid in cash upon arrival.

37. Any and all complaints must be submitted in writing (by post or e-mail) within 14 days from departure.

38. Your complaint shall be considered within up to 14 business days from receipt thereof, and you shall receive the response in the same form (by post or e-mail, respectively).

39. If your complaint is recognised, within seven working days of our response you will be expected to contact us in order to confirm its receipt and, where total or partial refund has been granted, to provide your banking data for the purposes of money transfer.

40. The refund shall be made within seven business days to the account indicated.

41. If no response is received within seven business days, the refund shall not be made and the complaint procedure shall be considered completed.

Final Provisions

1. Any and all disputes arising between Holiday Trip Spain and a guest who legally is a consumer shall be referred for settlement to the courts who are competent under the relevant laws. Any and all disputes arising between Holiday Trip Spain and a guest who legally is not a consumer shall be referred for settlement to the court of local jurisdiction over the Operator’s seat.

2. In matters not covered by these Terms & Conditions, the laws in force in Spain shall apply.